10 Tips for Marketing Your Business

Follow these 10 tips to create a solid marketing foundation for your small business.

Basic Marketing Tactics for Small Business

Understanding the basic marketing steps to get your small business up and running.

How to Design a Strong Business Card

Follow a few simple tips for creating a more effective business card.

How to Stretch Your Dollars in Traditional Media

By following these tips, you might be able to find a way to use media you previously thought you couldn’t afford.

Important Marketing Questions for Small Businesses

Learn what questions you need to answer to create a marketing plan.

Marketing Offline

Marketing Offline


This video focuses on the ways a small business can connect with local customers, even on a budget.

Marketing Your Business Effectively

Marketing Your Business Effectively


This video focuses on ways a small business can connect with current and potential customers, using new technology and traditional marketing tactics.

Small Business Public Relations

Public relations basics to help your small business get the most exposure without spending a lot of money.

Think Outside the Box: Non-Traditional Advertising

Think outside of the box with some non-traditional advertising ideas from the CenturyLink Small Business Resource Center.